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An introduction to the factors that damage the electric by electronic belt scale impact

2019-11-21 12:20:18

Electronic belt scale refers to an automatic weighing electronic scale that continuously weighs the bulk materials on the conveyor belt without subdividing the quality interrupting the movement of the conveyor belt. Let us understand the external impact of Suining electronic belt scale. Factors that damage electrical.

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1. The detector signal is disturbed:

The front release board accepts the signal of very weak current caused by the ionization chamber. When it becomes larger, it is transmitted to the server according to the shielded twisted pair. If the interference signal is too large the grounding device on the server is shielded poorly, the signal will be affected will cause great fluctuations. To solve such problems, the end of the shielded cable detector should be suspended in the air, the server end should ensure a good grounding device, the specifications of the ionization chamber the sleeve should also be paid attention to.

2. Moisture in the ionization chamber front panel:

Sometimes the environment humidity is very high the sleeve size rubber plate is tightly sealed, which will cause the high voltage pole of the ionization chamber the ceramic insulator of the collection pole to get wet cause leakage current. The damping of the front discharge plate makes the negative high voltage enough to make the ionization chamber The amount of current is smaller than usual. The dielectric strength of the electrical grade ceramic insulators in the ionization chamber can be checked. 1000V 2500V megohmmeters should be used to detect the grounding resistance of the high voltage pole the collector pole to the chassis. It should be marked as infinite, otherwise clean toluene should be used. alcohol cotton balls are washed many times dried with a hair dryer to ensure that the composite insulator is dry clean.

3. Unstable characteristics of electronic components:

The high-resistance resistance value in the front discharge plate is 5Gl, the temperature coefficient is very large. Therefore, the nuclear scale uses heating tape other equipment within the sleeve specification to carry out overall heating temperature control of the ionization chamber the front discharge plate, so that it is protected Effect of operating temperature change. At a long-term high temperature, the quality of some electronic devices is degraded the characteristics are unstable, resulting in signal fluctuations. If the high-voltage system software capacitors run away, alternating capacitors will appear on the electrical level of the ionization chamber, resulting in large fluctuations in the output signal. The destruction of the filter capacitor will greatly increase the signal noise working voltage.

The above is the relevant content of the electronic belt scale brought to you by the editor. If you are still interested in the quotation of the belt scale, you can also consult the editor. The editor will introduce you one by one.



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