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Introduction of precautions for purchasing explosion-proof high-energy igniter

2019-11-21 12:18:53

What issues should be paid attention to when buying explosion-proof high-energy igniters? Today, the explosion-proof high-energy igniter manufacturers will give you a brief introduction, those who are interested in this, let us know about it!

Explosion-proof high-energy igniter manufacturer

1. The explosion-proof grades of explosion-proof high-energy igniters are more commonly BT4 CT4. The latter explosion-proof grade is higher than the former, selection is made according to the working conditions on the spot.

2. The accessories of the explosion-proof high-energy igniter, the length, material, external thread diameter of the ignition rod, the length of the ignition cable, the high temperature pressure resistance.

3. The warranty period of the explosion-proof high-energy igniter is also very important. You don’t have to pay for a product, it will be applied within a few months. It can’t be applied, it will be repaired replaced. You have to buy again the work pressure that creates cost for the company.

4. The common problems in the application of explosion-proof high-energy igniters will be indicated in the general instructions. However, in the early communication process of the purchase, it should be determined again with the manufacturer. Appropriate operation steps can increase the use time of the goods.



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