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Introduction of matters needing attention in the use of high-energy igniters

2019-11-21 12:16:56

What matters should be paid attention to in the application process of high-energy igniter. Next, the editor has compiled some information for everyone, hoping to help everyone.

High-energy igniter manufacturers

High-energy igniter manufacturers mainly use the principle of charge discharge of semiconductor materials. The ignition energy is large can resist moisture carbon deposits. It has self-purification ability. The igniter can still ignite when it penetrates into the water. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial furnaces chemical plants. Various places ignition must be carried out.

Matters needing attention when ignition of high energy igniter:

1. When igniting, first turn on the high-energy igniter, then the oil pump (gas) ignites; the general ignition time cannot exceed 30 seconds.

2. When igniting, the combustion air should be adjusted to be small, the combustion air should be gradually expanded after the fire.

3. Gasoline diesel should have good atomization, poor atomization quality will affect the ignition pass rate.

4. When the ignition device is working for 30 seconds, it should be rested for one minute before use to prevent continuous long-term application.

Try to start the ignition according to the actual operation above. If the actual operation is followed, it may cause the destruction of the internal components of the igniter. If some key points in the application process are very clear, whether it is your high-energy igniter If you don’t know the products of other manufacturers, you can dial the phone anytime anywhere to make inquiries. The editor will answer them one by one.


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