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High-energy igniter manufacturers introduce product use operation for you

2019-11-21 12:17:59

Many friends are particularly clear about the operation use of high-energy igniters. Today, the editors of high-energy igniter manufacturers give you a specific explanation: high-energy igniter means that it can produce enough kinetic energy to ignite pulverized coal oil (gas) in an instant. It can be used to stabilize the flame. The igniter is divided into commercial stoves civilian stoves: commercial key is used in the restaurant restaurant kitchen stove ignition system. Because the natural environment of the restaurant restaurant kitchen is very complex, the relative civil requirements are strict when selecting the igniter. The civil key is used in the ignition installation of stoves in the home. The use environment is simpler than that of catering stoves, more pulse-type ignition is used.

High energy igniter repair

Use operation of high-energy igniter

1. When the high-energy igniter device is connected to the ignition cable high-energy ignition rod, never connect to the power supply; otherwise, the equipment will be destroyed;

2. Check the high-energy igniter before application. It should be properly connected reliable to touch. The ignition end of the high-energy ignition rod should be adjusted well.

3. Some components of the high-energy igniter operate under long-term load, the required work cycle time should be strictly implemented;

4. During the long-term shutdown period of the high-energy igniter, be sure to disconnect the system software switching power supply;

5. The ignition device is a high-energy ignition device, the ignition end is resistant to carbon deposits. It can also be ignited in the case of carbon deposits, so users do need to clean the ignition end during use, can use it with confidence.

6. Each ignition time should exceed 30s at most. After the fire is ignited, the switching power supply of the ignition device should be turned off immediately.

7. Maintenance of high-energy igniters must be carried out only five minutes after switching off the power supply.



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