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Do you know how to install wiring for explosion-proof high-energy igniter?

2020-04-17 16:15:55

How to install explosion-proof high-energy igniter? How to wire it? Next, the high-energy igniter manufacturers will introduce the installation wiring of the explosion-proof high-energy igniter, interested friends, let's take a look!

High energy igniter

Explosion-proof high-energy ignition rod  ignition cable

1. Raw material 2520 heat-resistant alloy developed at the front end of the ignition rod.

2. The basic ignition rod diameter is Φ16,  the external thread M18×1.5 is installed. In special cases, the ignition rod diameter, length,  interface mode can be customized according to customer regulations. The length of the ignition cable can also be customized according to customer satisfaction.

Explosion-proof high-energy igniter installation  wiring

1. (1) The application site is a burner. A hole of Φ16.5 is opened on the burner  the external thread is installed to be processed into M18×1.5. The ignition rod can be screwed in. The tempered end of the ignition rod is installed on the oil pump ( Gas) 30 to 50 mm in front of the mouth

(2) If the application site is to disperse torches, the ignition rod must be fixed with a special type of ignition rod buckle,  the tempering end of the ignition rod should be 100-200mm away  the mouth. The ignition rod is a new-type construction ignition rod without adjusting the charging  discharging interval.

2. The ignition device of this series consists of three parts: explosion-proof box, special-type ignition cable  ignition rod. During installation, the ignition device casing  the ignition rod can be connected with a special type ignition cable,  the switching power supply is 380V.AC.





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