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Performance parameters of explosion-proof high-energy igniter

2020-04-17 16:16:40

Explosion-proof high-energy igniter is the key for automatic ignition of natural gas, gasoline diesel industrial burners ignition of torches. It has the advantages of reliable ignition long life. The ignition end is heat-resistant, anti-slagging, has the ability of self-purification work. It is widely used in manufacturing industries such as crude oil, chemical plants, metallurgical industry, porcelain, environmental protection new energy. Next, the explosion-proof high-energy igniter manufacturers introduce the performance parameters of the explosion-proof high-energy igniter.

Explosion-proof high-energy igniter installation

1. Performance parameters of explosion-proof high-energy igniter

1. Ignition end. High instantaneous temperature resistance: 1300℃

2. Power supply voltage: 220v±10% 50/60hz

3. Integrating materials: natural gas, light oil, fuel oil

4. Explosion-proof level: bt6

5. Ignition frequency 6~12 times/s

6. Kinetic energy of flame: 20j

2. Installation wiring of explosion-proof high-energy igniter

1. (1) The application site is a burner. The φ16.5 hole is opened on the burner the external thread is installed into m18×1.5. The ignition rod can be screwed in. The ignition end of the ignition rod is installed on the oil pump (gas )30~50mm in front of the mouth

(2) If the application site is a flaring torch, the ignition rod must be fixed with a special type ignition rod buckle, the ignition end of the ignition rod should be 100-200mm away the side of the opening. The ignition rod is a new-type construction ignition rod without adjusting the charging discharging interval.

2. The ignition equipment of this series consists of an explosion-proof casing, a dedicated ignition cable an ignition rod. When installing, connect the ignition equipment shell the ignition rod with a special type ignition cable, switch the power supply 220v.ac.



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