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What is the working principle of high energy igniter?

2020-04-17 16:16:40

The high-energy ignition device is composed of JNDH igniter, JNDZ ignition gun JNDL shielded twisted pair. Communicate with alternating current direct current 380V 110V, convert it into direct current pulsating current according to the transformer rectifier to charge the energy storage capacitor battery. When the power capacitor is filled, the amount of charge discharge current is transmitted to the gas nozzle of the semiconductor material of the ignition gun through the gas discharge tube, choke coil, shielded twisted pair, etc., generating a high-energy electric flame. When the ignition device stops working, the remaining positive charge on the power capacitor is discharged according to the discharge resistor.

High energy igniter price

High energy igniter correct operation method

1. When the device is connected to the cable the ignition rod, do connect the power supply; otherwise, the device will be destroyed;

2. Check the device before application, it should be connected properly, touch reliable, the electric end of the ignition pole extends into the material area 100 ~ 200mm;

3. The ignition time of the ignition device generally does exceed 30 seconds, if long-term ignition will destroy the internal electronic devices;

4. During the long-term shutdown period of the device, be sure to disconnect the system software switching power supply;

5. The maintenance of the device can only be carried out after switching off the power supply for five minutes. (Ensure that the remaining positive charge of the power capacitor is discharged according to the discharge resistor)

6. Application of high-energy igniter

High energy igniter prices are mainly used in industrial furnaces, heating furnaces, organic waste gas in chemical plants, waste gas steel plants in coking plants other various sites that must be ignited ignited. It consists of three parts: high energy igniter, ignition rod ignition cable Pose. Capacitor energy storage technology is selected, the spleen has great aerodynamic energy, the semiconductor material spleen gas nozzle has strong self-washing work ability, will be harmed by atmospheric pollution, is resistant to oil, water, slag, heat.



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