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High energy igniter principle components

2020-04-17 16:16:40

What is the principle of high energy igniter? What are the components of a high-energy igniter? This is a matter that many small partners are more concerned about. Don't worry. Next, the high-energy igniter manufacturers will introduce it to everyone.


1. Principle of high-energy igniter

What is an igniter (English name: igniter), refers to a device that can provide enough energy to ignite pulverized coal, oil (gas) fuel stabilize the flame in an instant. The igniter is divided into commercial stoves civilian stoves: commercial use is mainly used in the catering kitchen stove ignition installation, because the use environment of the catering kitchen is more complicated, so the selection of igniters requires relatively strict civilian use. Civil is mainly used in the ignition installation of household stoves. The use environment is simpler than that of catering stoves, more pulse-type ignition is used.

2. Introduction to the composition of high-energy igniters

The composition of the igniter is mainly composed of a power supply, an ignition coil, a distributor, an ignition switch, a spark plug, an additional resistance its short-circuit device, high low voltage wires, etc.

1. Power supply: composed of battery generator. When starting, the ignition system is provided with low-voltage power by the battery; after starting, when the generator voltage is higher than the battery voltage, the ignition system is provided with low-voltage power by the generator.

2. Ignition coil: convert the 12V low-voltage electricity provided by the automobile power supply into high-voltage electricity that can break through the spark plug electrode gap. 3. Distributor: Driven by the camshaft of the generator, the primary current of the ignition coil is turned on off on time, so that the ignition coil generates high voltage electricity in time, the high voltage electricity is transmitted to the spark plugs of each cylinder in the order of ignition; at the same time, it can automatically Adjust the ignition time artificially. The function of the capacitor is to reduce the sparks of the breaker contacts increase the secondary voltage of the ignition coil.

4. Ignition switch: control the on off of the low voltage circuit of the ignition system, control the start stop of the generator.

5. Spark plug: Introduce high-voltage electricity into the combustion chamber to produce electric spark to ignite the mixture.

6. Additional resistance short-circuiting device: short-circuit the additional resistance when starting, increase the primary current of the ignition coil, enhance the sparking energy of the spark plug during starting.



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