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When buying electronic belt scales, you need to pay attention to the following misunderstandings

2019-11-21 12:20:18

The layman joins in the fun, the expert looks at the way. In addition to the old-fashioned belt scales, intelligent electronic belt scales have become the best choice in mechanical equipment. The electronic belt scales on the Chinese market are dazzling. There are domestic ones imports. Many people believe it. "Imported" goods, I feel that the price is high, the quality is guaranteed. Is that really the case?

Electronic belt scale manufacturer

Without the correct answer, it is the most true answer. We all know that the belt scale is a dynamic measuring device for solid powder materials. I believe that every customer weighs again again at the beginning of the purchase, but it is still a "trap". Let's take a look at the "traps" of electronic belt scales to help you avoid buying mistakes.

"As long as it is a big brand equipment, less maintenance is a problem"?

Accurately speaking, although the quality of the equipment itself is critical, it is also very important for the service life, productivity post-maintenance. the installation adjustment of the belt scale to the resolution of common failures, the manufacturer’s on-site technical consultation is applicable to help customers avoid many confusions. Reduce the maintenance cost in the later period, so the maintenance of irrelevant brands, the bigger the brand, the better the maintenance.

"Can producers set prices at will"?

Many people think that electronic belt scale manufacturers are arbitrarily priced, but in fact, belt scale manufacturers need to combine pricing with research development costs, manufacturing costs, promotional costs, sales costs, profit margins. At the same time, pricing It will be affected by areas, peer prices, raw material prices, market conditions. It is just random pricing, of course, it can rule out bad companies that want to raise prices.

The two are concerned about the manufacturer's pricing problems, otherwise they will focus on more "several comparisons" investigate more belt scale manufacturers. If the standard allows, go to the spot for specific investigation as much as possible The company's belt scale application status.

"Pursue low price, price has nothing to do with quality"?

When purchasing electronic belt scales, avoid pursuing low prices. Low-cost belt scales only allow customers to reduce the cost of early-stage machinery equipment, later-stage production manufacturing costs will also increase. The basic specifications of good belt scales stipulate: accuracy, stability, durability other aspects must be To achieve the standard, the cost performance should also be high. This is the basic standard for people to choose electronic belt scales. If they simply pursue the perfect low price, it will affect the later application manufacturing, even increase the later application maintenance costs.



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