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What is the working principle of electronic belt scale?

2019-11-21 12:20:18

Electronic belt scale is an intelligent weighing measuring machine, which is mainly used for continuous weighing, proportioning flow control of bulk materials in tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, food other industries. It is quite different the traditional weighing measuring equipment. The principle of the intelligent electronic belt scale is as follows.

Intelligent electronic belt scale

First of all, the electronic belt scale is a measuring machine needs to be used in conjunction with the on-site belt belt conveyor. Therefore, the electronic belt scale weighing cable bridge is installed on the wall of the belt conveyor. When the material passes, the measuring buffer roller detects the belt conveyor The net weight of the material in the weighing controller is based on the lever effect, which generates a voltage signal proportional to the belt load.

There is a weighing controller on the belt scale installed on the wall of the weighing bridge. During operation, the net weight of the material on the belt is sent to the weighing instrument panel, the speed signal of the belt conveyor of the speed limit controller It is also sent to the weighing instrument panel. The instrument panel integrates the rate signal the weighing signal to obtain the instantaneous total flow accumulated amount.

The speed sensor is directly connected to the large-diameter speed-limiting drum provides a series of single pulses. Each single pulse represents a belt motion module. The frequency of the single pulse is proportional to the belt speed. The weighing instrument panel receives signals the weighing controller the speed sensor, obtains an instantaneous total flow value accumulated net weight value according to integration calculation, displays the information separately.

The editor said that the principle of the electronic belt scale is often said. Only by clarifying the basic principle can the device be used better.



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