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High-energy igniter manufacturers should pay attention to these things when using igniters

2020-04-17 16:16:40

The high-energy igniter can be integrated into the ignition kinetic energy regulations of various fuels. It is widely used in the ignition fields such as electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, aviation, environmental protection, fire protection. It can be used for automatic ignition of the burner the ignition of the flare flare. . The charge discharge at the top of the igniter head produce a high energy spark discharge, which can immediately ignite gas fuels such as gas, compressed natural gas other liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel engines, fuel oil, residual oil other atomized fuel.

Igniter device

In the case of application, pay attention to the following aspects:

First of all: at the beginning of ignition, the ignition power switch should be turned on, then the relative fuel part should be turned on. Whether it is an oil pump a jet aircraft, you must pay attention to this in the application.

Second: During the entire ignition process of high-energy igniter manufacturers, customers must pay attention to the initial situation, the combustion air should be turned off opened as small as possible, until the fire is lit, then the combustion air is amplified according to the requirements In addition, it should be noted that if the fire is too large, the combustion wind should be turned off immediately.

Third: The time generally used for ignition should exceed thirty seconds, so the use time must be controlled within 30 seconds, after the end of an application, the igniter device must perform relative cooling, at least one minute apart Only then can it be opened again.

Pay attention to this kind of application problems, so that everyone can use the igniter more safely reasonably.



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