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Use of explosion-proof high-energy igniter

2020-04-17 16:16:40

How should the explosion-proof high-energy igniter be used? This is a question that many people are very curious about, so today, the explosion-proof high-energy igniter manufacturers will introduce it to you, hoping to help everyone.

Ignition installation

1. Turn off the igniter when the ignition occurs after ignition. In order to prevent the internal components burning due to long-term continuous ignition, a maintenance control module has been added to the igniter. Once the ignition is continued for 10 seconds, the ignition output will be automatically terminated. Press hold the local ignition button again connect the remote control driver again to repair the ignition .

2. Before ignition, make sure that the furnace is purged for residual flammable gas. To avoid safety production accidents such as burning explosion when starting the ignition.

3. When the igniter is used for fuel ignition, the fuel should be atomized well. When the atomization quality is poor, the ignition pass rate is jeopardized. After the ignition is carried out, the ignition rod must be pulled out of the flame ignition area by using a booster manual to ensure the life of the ignition rod.

4. The igniter must be dropped during the installation application of the ignition rod, to avoid the cracking of the porcelain insulation of the ignition rod, which will cause adverse effects such as high voltage discharge non-ignition, which will seriously affect the safety normal operation of the machine equipment.

5. When igniting, first turn on the ignition equipment, then spray fuel (gas) to ignite.



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