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How to choose a reasonable type of high-energy igniter?

2020-04-17 16:16:40

Many people are very concerned about the reasonable selection of high-energy igniters. Today, the editor of the high-energy ignition controller will introduce it to everyone.

Xuzhou high energy igniter

The models of GNQ high-energy igniters are: GNQ-03, GNQ-05, GNQ-12, GNQ-20, GNQ-30, etc., according to the working conditions materials, different models specifications of high-energy igniters are selected.

GNQ-03 high-energy igniter: Ignition medium (fossil fuel with high burning value, such as gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal bed methane, flue gas, etc.) is also suitable for soot blower igniter, natural gas boiler burner ignition, fire drill ignition.

GNQ-05 high-energy igniter (armor, terminal): Ignition medium (high burning value fossil fuel, such as gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal bed methane, etc.) is suitable for natural gas burners natural gas boiler ignition.

GNQ-12 high-energy igniter: ignition medium (medium high calorific value natural gas, light diesel ignition)

GNQ-20 high-energy igniter: Ignition medium (medium low calorific value natural gas, gasoline diesel <light oil, fuel oil, atomized diesel engine>, low combustion value generator gas, etc.), especially in the application of power station boilers, liquefied gas torches, ignition 1. Ignition of flue gas ignition of low-burning fossil fuel heating furnace.

GNQ-30 high-energy igniter: Ignition medium (natural gas, gasoline diesel <light oil, fuel oil, diesel engine>, low fuel value gas, liquefied gas), especially in power plant boilers, liquefied gas torch release ignition, flue gas release Ignition, low fire value heating furnace ignition.

    The above is the classification of a variety of Xuzhou high-energy igniters, as well as their ignition media, scope of application, etc., you can choose the appropriate igniter according to your different needs.



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