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speed sensor

2020-06-06 11:41:14
speed sensor
Detailed introduction:

Electronic belt scale speed sensor

 Product Details 

The HQ-12 wheel-type speed sensor is used in conjunction with an electronic belt scale, which provides a signal to a weighing instrument calculates the flow of material through the belt conveyor. The PLR12 wheel speed sensor monitors the speed of the belt conveyor belt, transmits the output to the weighing instrument through the cable connection.

The HQ-12 wheel speed sensor is easy to install compactly with the belt scale assembly, providing a signal generated by rotating the sensor wheel on the return belt, the cross bar is positioned between the long support beams, the speed wheel is before after the return belt Between rollers. The weight guarantees that the position of the runner is in the middle of the return belt. The wheel drives internal sensors the speed sensor is a carbon-free brush pulse generator. It sends out a series of pulses. Each pulse represents a unit of belt travel, pulse frequency belt speed. Proportional to.


Using sturdy design, the product is durable;

Easy to operate, low installation cost;

Accurate belt speed detection.

It is suitable for outdoor use, with a solid cast aluminum housing installed;

Note: When the belt speed is high (>4.0m/s), it should be selected use four-core shielded cable.


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