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Pressure load cell

2020-06-06 11:38:58
Pressure load cell
Detailed introduction:

American World Group HBB load cell

Product Details 

Celtron HBB series is a single-end bending beam load cell, which is mainly used for low plane scale small box irrigation. It needs to use appropriate installation accessories during installation, which is easy to be affected by the surroundings has strong load capacity.

Non-linearity: less than 0.03% of rated output; repeatability: less than 0.03% of rated output; hysteresis: less than 0.03% of rated output

Temperature sensitivity: ±0.0003%℃ at zero value; Excitation voltage: 10~15VDC provided by totalizer

Material: Alloy steel stainless steel; Protection grade: IP68; Stable performance, accuracy better than 0.3‰; Range: 10~250Kg


HBB weighing sensors use platform scales (multiple sensors), silo/funnel/tank weighing, packaging machines, metering/filling, belt scales.

Hot model

HBB-10kg, HBB-20kg, HBB-50kg, HBB-100kg, HBB-200kg, HBB-250kg,

HBB-10kgSS, HBB-20kgSS, HBB-50kgSS, HBB-00kgSS, HBB-200kgSS, HBB-250kgSS.


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