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Speed sensor

2020-06-06 11:35:07
Speed sensor
Detailed introduction:

N12 type coal feeder/feeder dedicated speed sensor

 Product Details 

  The N12B type speed sensor is suitable for belt conveyors of various specifications. It can provide accurate reliable speed detection control of rotating shafts machine equipment. It can display the measured speed in real time through the meter.

  This machine has good performance reliable operation, is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, mining, chemical building materials industries.

 Technical Parameters 

   ◆ Ambient temperature: -30℃~60℃

   ◆ Relative humidity: ≤95%

   ◆ Inner diameter of hollow shaft: φ6.0~6.3

   ◆ Output voltage: pulse signal

   ◆ Maximum allowable mechanical revolutions: 1000r/min

   ◆ Starting torque: 1×102 N.m

   ◆ Construction: dustproof

   ◆ Weight: 2Kg

 Speed range

    N12 type: 0.1~5.0m/s

 working principle 

The machine is installed on the rear drum of the belt conveyor, the speed measuring large diameter roller the speed measuring roller, the speed measuring roller/roller is installed on the upper surface of the return belt, eliminating the impact caused by the belt slipping. The speed sensor is a digital brushless pulse generator. When the belt is running, the speed sensor sends out a series of speed pulses. Each pulse represents a unit length of the belt travel. The pulse frequency is proportional to the belt speed.


   Adopt sturdy, closed cast aluminum shell, the product is durable;

  Easy to operate, low installation cost;

  Accurate belt speed detection.

 download Google 

   The order shall provide the specific model rated speed of the belt.


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