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Pull-type load cell

2020-06-06 11:43:30
Pull-type load cell
Detailed introduction:

American World Group STC load cell

Product Details 

The name of Celtron STC load cell can be easily determined by the S-type mechanism. Celtron STC S-type load cells can be loaded, stretched compressed, in single multiple module applications.

Non-linearity: less than 0.03% of rated output Repeatability: less than 0.03% of rated output Hysteresis: less than 0.03% of rated output

Temperature sensitivity: ±0.0003%℃ at zero value Excitation voltage: 10~15VDC provided by totalizer Material: alloy steel

Protection grade: IP67 Accuracy: 0.03% Range: 25-5000KG


Electronic belt scale, hook scale, electromechanical combined scale, hopper scale, tank scale, packaging scale, batching weighing control, testing machine, force monitoring measurement.

  Hot model

STC-5kg STC-10kg STC-25kg STC-50kg STC-75kg STC-100kg STC-250kg STC-500kg STC-750kg .STC-1t STC-1.5t STC-2t STC-2.5t STC-5t STC-7.5t STC- 10t STC-20t

STC-50kgSS STC-75kgSS STC-100kgSS STC-250kgSS STC-500kgSS STC-750kgSS .STC-1t SS STC-1.5Tss STC-2tSS STC-2.5tSS STC-5tSS STC-7.5tSS STC-10tSS STC-20t STC-50 lb STC-100 lb STC-150 lb .STC-200 lb

STC-300 lb STC-500 lb STC-750 lb STC-1K lb STC-1.5K lb STC-2K lb STC-2.5K lb STC-3K lb STC-5K lb STC-7.5K lb STC-10K lb STC-15K lb STC-30K lb STC-40K lb

STC-50kgXS STC-75kgXS STC-100kgXS STC-250kgXS STC-500kgXS STC-750kgXS


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