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Ground torch

2020-06-06 09:09:38
Ground torch
Detailed introduction:

The ground torch system can vent the vapor ignite the flames by itself. It is well controlled in the heat shield against electromagnetic radiation, the flame cannot be seen outside. It can greatly reduce the influence of radiant heat noise on workers peripheral machinery equipment.

The ground torch is mainly composed of foundation, safety protection wall, burner group, radiation protection heat shield, ignition system.

The structure of the main components,

The foundation of the ground torch includes: the installation foundation of the burner group, the installation foundation of the radiation protection heat shield, the foundation of the safety protection wall the pipe bracket.

The basis of this torch is provided by the company according to the parameters of the equipment of the torch.

The geological conditions, meteorological conditions required seismic fortification intensity are designed in accordance with the installation requirements of the equipment.

Among them, the key functions of the safety protective wall are: blocking the staff entering the torch to prevent the risk; thermal insulation noise reduction, so that the radiant heat noise within a certain aspect ratio of the ground consider the "second section" listed Regulations standards; when the torch produces an explosive explosive extreme malignant event, it can bear the impact of the explosion without destroying it, drive the explosion wave upwards without adversely affecting the staff machinery on the ground .


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