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Elevated torch

2020-06-06 09:07:42
Elevated torch
Detailed introduction:

The high-rise torch is composed of an automatic control system, an ignition system, a simple stand-up pipeline of the steel frame structure, which is like a smoke exhaust duct, which prompts the flame to remotely control the automatic ignition combustion at the top, eliminating the road surface without damage. To the staff the processing plant, the height of the combustion tower can adjust its height to width ratio, a minimum of 5C to 200M. The design content of the flare system software generally includes two parts: flare gas discharge pipeline network flare equipment. The design content of the discharge pipeline network includes the design of the processing technology of the torch branch gas pipeline the condensate acquisition transportation machinery equipment pipelines, pipe penetration, civil engineering, electrical equipment, etc.

The design content of the torch device includes the torch head, torch barrel, liquid separation tank, water sealing tank, igniter, pump other equipment, as well as the corresponding process piping, electrical, telecommunications, automatic control, civil engineering, water supply drainage, environmental protection other designs. Our company can design manufacture a complete flare gas discharge pipe network flare device. The types of combustible gases include natural gas, refinery gas, exhaust gas, tail gas other toxic flammable gases.

Ignition methods include automatic ignition, manual detonation ignition on the road, etc. The working principle is transported to the top of the torch head by the exhaust gas economic management channel, gate valve, liquid separation anti-quenching equipment. The top of the torch head is equipped with a long light, its combustion source is a relatively stable gas source. After being ignited by the igniter, the long light will continue to burn. When the exhaust gas reaches the top of the torch head, it will be immediately ignited by the long light. The igniter manufactured by our company's airline invention patent can ensure the sales price of the ignition system software, can ensure the success of ignition under all climate working conditions standards. When the exhaust gas is completely extinguished due to the low working pressure, the Changming lamp can maintain the combustion status. When the working pressure of the exhaust gas rises, the torch will burn immediately, ensuring that the organic waste gas is completely burned. In addition, various types of torch heads designed manufactured by our company can effectively solve the problems of dust, smoke particles, noise other issues in the combustion process, ensure that the pollution to the environment is reduced to a very low level.


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