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Flare torch system

2020-06-06 09:11:30
Flare torch system
Detailed introduction:

System Overview

The flaring system is widely used in the petroleum, chemical plants, metallurgical industry other manufacturing industries to vent various organic waste gas waste gas to ignite themselves to avoid fire accidents explosions, ensure the safety of machinery equipment, prevent air pollution. HFH series products are flare torch commodities. All the torch heads are made of high temperature resistant stainless steel plates. They have reliable ignition wide application fields. The types of flammable gases include gas, refinery gas, biogas slurry various harmful hazards. Flammable gas, with consumption 0.5х104Nm3/h to 300х104Nm3/h, ignites smoothly can be trusted. At this stage, it has been used in many manufacturing industries such as petroleum, chemical plants, metallurgical industry, etc., has been well received by customers.

The key of the HFH flaring system includes the torch head, the permanent lamp, the ignition system, the bleed head, the control system, etc.; according to the different main purposes, it can be equipped with relative co-firing smoking equipment. The installation of different bases can complete the land elevated torch, the water boom torch the offshore platform torch.

In addition, it can be equipped with gate valves, instrument panels other mechanical equipment on the gas pipeline according to customer regulations, then integrate the torch control system, which can easily complete the functions of remote control automatic ignition system flameout protection device.

According to the mechanism of the torch system, it is divided into universal wire-raised elevated torch, universal tower-type elevated torch, self-supporting, boom torch, single-well torch so on.


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