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Ignition gun

2020-06-06 08:59:20
Ignition gun
Detailed introduction:

XDZ ignition gun/ignition rod

The ignition rod of the high-energy igniter is made of stainless steel, the ignition end is made of high-temperature resistant alloy 2520, which can withstand 1300℃ for a long time, resist moisture carbon deposits, do need to adjust the ignition distance during ignition.

Ignition rod diameter generally has three specifications of ¢12, 16, 18, which can be selected according to the site conditions the model of high-energy igniter, the length of the ignition rod can be customized according to customer requirements.

High-energy ignition rods (high-energy ignition rods, ignition heads, conductive rods), special ignition cables high-energy igniters form a complete set of high-energy ignition devices.

Spark Rod Model


Example: The diameter size is 16mm, the length size is 2000mm, the explosion-proof type, the barrel characteristic is hard grab, the structural form is split type, the ignition gun produced by Xuzhou Suneng Measurement Control Technology Co., Ltd., its model mark is: XDZ-2B-2000 /16.

Industrial Ignition Pole High-energy Ignition Pole | Biogas emission automatic ignition device can be regarded as a product, it is used in conjunction with our company's product high-energy igniter high-voltage ignition cable connection, mainly used for automatic ignition device of industrial gas fuel burner.

Industrial Ignition Pole|High Energy Ignition Pole|Biogas emission automatic ignition device can also be regarded as two products. Industrial Ignition Pole is a hand-held portable ignition rod, which can be used alone, mainly used in petrochemical, metallurgy, glass, ceramics, industrial furnaces other industries; high-energy ignition rods are connected to our company's high-energy igniters ignition cables.

After-sales service

Senior engineers professionally provide you with perfect sales service guidance, pre-sale professional scheme design, product selection guidance, installation commissioning during sales, after-sales maintenance services.



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