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Internal flame igniter

2020-06-06 08:53:29
Internal flame igniter
Detailed introduction:

Instructions for the internal flame igniter XT-8

The igniter adopts a special high-performance power control chip design, which can ignite for a long time. It is widely used for the ignition of various types of gas oil, the ignition is safe reliable.

Technical Parameters:

Working power supply: AC 180V~270V 50~60Hz

High voltage output line length: 2 meters

Output voltage: 6KV

Output current: 25mA

Electrode distance: 2~5mm

Shell: ABS engineering plastics

Shell size: 150×90×55

Power cord 1 meter


1. It is strictly forbidden to connect the power of the igniter without connecting the ignition needle;

2. The output ground wire of the igniter must be firmly installed with the burner;

3. When the high-voltage output electrodes are short-circuited to each other, do adjust the electrode without cutting off the power supply. When the electrode is restored to the open circuit, the high voltage is output immediately to prevent accidental electric shock;

4. The electric spark appears at the end of the ignition electrode (away the high-voltage line end).



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