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Explosion-proof portable high-energy igniter

2020-06-06 08:51:18
Explosion-proof portable high-energy igniter
Detailed introduction:

XDH-05 explosion-proof portable high-energy igniter

XDH-05 explosion-proof portable high-energy igniter firearm is a high-energy ignition device designed produced according to the needs of petrochemical, metallurgy, glass, ceramics other industries, using advanced technology.

This product has the advantages of convenient use, flexibility, small size, light weight, novel structure, reliable ignition, long life, affected by distance environment, etc. It is an ideal ignition device.

Technical Parameters 

Power supply: 12V high energy battery, inverter

Adapt to fuel: light oil, gas

Ignition pole temperature resistance: 1300℃

Ignition frequency: 4~10 times/second

Spark energy: 5J

Explosion-proof grade; ExdIIBT4. Protection grade; IP65.

Ignition box size

Length × width × height = 300*200*150mm

Ignition rod ignition cable

Ignition rod front end material 2520 high temperature alloy; semicond high temperature material, outer diameter Φ18, connecting thread M18×1.0, length on request.

The ignition cable is a special high-energy cable, withstand voltage 20KV/AC, ambient temperature: -60℃~200℃, the length is supplied according to user requirements, but the maximum should exceed 80 meters.

To use

Connect the ignition rod with a cable to the ignition output socket on the panel

Install the ignition rod in the working position

Turn on the ignition switch on the panel, the ignition indicator light is on, indicating that the ignition is on. After the ignition is successful, turn off the ignition switch. Generally, the ignition time should exceed 30 seconds each time. The igniter should rest for 1 minute before working for 30 seconds to avoid continuous use for a long time.

Operating procedures

1. The explosion-proof remote control high-energy igniter is connected to AC 220V power supply, the power indicator on the box surface is on.

2. Local panel operation ignition process: turn the switch to the local position, press the ignition button, the igniter starts ignition, release the button to stop ignition. After pressing the ignition button for about 10 seconds, the igniter will automatically stop working. Observe that there is fire in the discharge port the ignition is successful. Release the ignition button the ignition in place ends. If the ignition is successful, you can release the button then press the ignition button again to ignite.

3. Remote control operation ignition process: turn the switch to the remote control position, turn on the power switch on the right side of the remote control board, press the ignition button (on) on the remote control board, the igniter starts ignition, the ignition indicator on the control box lights for 10 seconds ( Time is adjustable). After 10 seconds, observe that there is a fire in the discharge port, then the ignition is successful; if it is successful, you can manually press the ignition stop button (off) on the remote control board to reset, then press the ignition button to re-ignite. After ignition, press the ignition stop button to turn off the power switch on the right side of the remote control board.

Installation wiring

1. (1) The use occasion is a burner. The burner has a Φ16.5 hole is processed into M18×1.5 mounting threads. Screw the ignition rod in. The ignition end of the ignition rod is installed on the fuel injection (gas ) 30~50mm in front of the mouth

(2) When the use occasion is to disperse the torch, the ignition rod needs to be fixed with a special ignition rod clamp, the ignition end of the ignition rod is 100-200mm away the release port. The ignition rod is a new type of ignition rod without adjusting the discharge distance.

2. This series of remote control ignition device is composed of four parts: explosion-proof box, special ignition cable, ignition rod remote control board. When installing, connect the ignition device box the ignition rod with a special ignition cable, the power supply is AC 220V.


The ignition device is equipped with a special 12V high-energy rechargeable battery, equipped with a special charger, cannot be substituted by other chargers

After a period of use, the battery voltage is low, it should be charged in time. When charging, the charger plug is connected to the charging socket on the panel. The charging light is on to indicate that the charging is in progress, the charging time is less than 8 hours each time. When in use for a long time, it should be fully charged stored, it should be charged every three months during storage.

Avoid strong vibration when using the ignition device.

There is inverter high-voltage power in the chassis, do open it casually.

After-sales service

   Senior engineers professionally provide you with comprehensive sales service guidance, pre-sales professional program design, product selection guidance, installation commissioning during sales, after-sales maintenance services.


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