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Explosion-proof high-energy igniter

2020-06-06 08:48:41
Explosion-proof high-energy igniter
Detailed introduction:

XDH-20B explosion-proof high-energy igniter

XDH-20B explosion-proof high-energy igniter is a low-voltage capacitor discharge device, which has the advantages of low discharge voltage, large spark energy, small size, convenient operation, safety reliability, corrosion resistance. It can directly ignite natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, etc., adapt to the ignition energy requirements of many different fuels, is widely used in ignition fields such as power, petrochemical, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace.

working principle 

This series of ignition device consists of XDH-20B igniter, XDQ ignition rod XDL shielded cable. The AC power frequency is 220V 110V, which is converted into DC pulsating current through boost rectification to charge the energy storage capacitor. When the capacitor is full, the discharge current is transmitted to the semiconductor electrode of the ignition rod through the discharge tube, choke coil, shielded cable, etc., forming a high-energy arc spark. When the ignition device stops working, the residual charge on the capacitor is discharged through the discharge resistor.

Technical Parameters                       

1. Power supply voltage: 220V±10% 50/60HZ

2. Adapt to fuel: light oil, heavy oil, low calorific value gas

3. Ignition pole temperature resistance: 1300℃

4. Ignition frequency: 12 times/S

5. Spark energy: 20J

 Ignition rod ignition cable

1. 2520 high temperature alloy of ignition rod front material; semicond high temperature material;

2. The outer diameter is Φ16.5, the installation thread is M18×1.5, the length is supplied on demand. The ignition cable is a special high-voltage cable, the length of which is supplied according to user requirements, but the maximum length should be greater than 80 meters.

Installation wiring

1. The burner is equipped with Φ16.5, processed into M18×1.5 mounting thread, the ignition rod can be screwed in. The ignition end of the ignition rod is installed 30-50 mm in front of the fuel injection (gas) nozzle, the ignition rod is one New structure ignition rod, no need to adjust the discharge distance.

2. This series of ignition device consists of box, special high voltage cable ignition rod. When installing, connect the ignition device box the ignition rod with a special high-voltage cable.


1. When igniting, the ignition device should be turned on first, then fuel (gas) is ignited; the general ignition time cannot exceed 30 seconds.

2. When igniting, the combustion air should be turned off, gradually increase after waiting for the fire.

3. The fuel should be atomized well, the poor atomization quality will affect the ignition success rate.

4. Ignition device works for 30s, then rest for 1 minute before use, to avoid continuous long-term use.

After-sales service

Senior engineers professionally provide you with perfect sales service guidance, pre-sale professional scheme design, product selection guidance, installation commissioning during sales, after-sales maintenance services.

High-energy igniters can be customized as required, regular products can be shipped on the same day!


1. Make sure that the furnace is purged without residual combustible gas before ignition. Prevent safety accidents such as deflagration when starting ignition.

2. When igniting, the ignition device should be turned on first, then fuel (gas) should be injected for ignition.

3. When the igniter is used for fuel ignition, the fuel should be atomized well. If the atomization quality is too poor, the ignition success rate will be affected. After the ignition is completed, the ignition rod must be manually withdrawn the flame combustion zone using a propeller manual to ensure the service life of the ignition rod.

4. When the fuel is ignited during ignition, turn off the igniter. In order to avoid the internal components burned out due to long-term continuous ignition, a protection module has been added inside the igniter. When the ignition is continued for 10 seconds, the ignition output will be automatically stopped. Press the local ignition button again press the ignition stop button on the remote control board (off ) Reset, then press the ignition button to re-ignite.

5. When installing using the ignition rod, do drop it to prevent the insulating porcelain of the ignition rod cracking, resulting in high-voltage leakage non-fire, which seriously affects the safety normal operation of the equipment.

Note: In addition to wiring according to the instructions, it is recommended that the customer open the igniter box by itself during use. If there is any abnormal situation, please contact our after-sales technical staff.


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