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High energy igniter

2020-06-06 08:45:19
High energy igniter
Detailed introduction:

XDH-20C type high energy igniter

XDH-20C high-energy igniter is a high-energy ignition device designed produced by our company according to the needs of petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, glass, ceramics other industries, using advanced technology.

XDH-20C high-energy igniter is a low-voltage capacitor discharge device, which has the advantages of low discharge voltage, large spark energy, small size, convenient operation, safety reliability, corrosion resistance. It adapts to the ignition energy requirements of many different fuels, is widely used in ignition fields such as power, petrochemical, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace.

working principle 

XDH-20C high-energy ignition device is composed of XDH igniter, XDQ ignition rod XDL shielded cable.

XDH high-energy igniter adopts the principle of capacitor energy storage discharge. The AC power frequency is 220V 110V, which is converted into DC pulsating current through boost rectification to charge the energy storage capacitor. When the capacitor is full, the discharge current is transmitted to the semiconductor electrode of the ignition rod through the discharge tube, choke coil, shielded cable, etc., forming a high-energy arc spark. When the ignition device stops working, the residual charge on the capacitor is discharged through the discharge resistor.

Main models technical parameters

Model XDH-2H XDH-2 XDH-5 XDH-12 XDH-20 XDH-20F

Energy storage 2J 2J 5J 12J 20J 20J

Input voltage DC12V AC220V±10%

Input power 0.8A 1.2A 2A 3A 3.8A 3.8A

Output voltage DC 2500V

Spark frequency 4 -6Hz 6-8Hz 8-12Hz 14-18Hz

Suitable for fuel natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas diesel oil, crude oil, heavy oil, residual oil.

Order model example

High-energy igniter, energy storage 20 joules 20-general model-no injection, portable-X, duplex-F port-energy storage level J Note: special forms can be designed manufactured according to user requirements.

Ignition box size

Length × width × height = 275*215*145mm

Installation, commissioning

1. Bolt fasteners for igniter are installed horizontally vertically;

2. The device should be grounded connected to zero;

3. The nuts on both ends of the shielded cable are screwed to the threads of the output end of the igniter the input end of the ignition rod. The two ends must be tightened to closely fit the center electrode. After the circuit is fed to the igniter, the device can work, so that the electric nozzle Discharge ignited. Note: If there is a gap between the electrodes, it will cause the center electrode to discharge melt.

After-sales service

Senior engineers professionally provide you with perfect sales service guidance, pre-sale professional scheme design, product selection guidance, installation commissioning during sales, after-sales maintenance services.

High-energy igniters can be customized as required, regular products can be shipped on the same day!

The high-energy igniter is mainly used in industrial kilns, boilers, chemical waste gas, coking steel plant exhaust gas other places that need to be ignited ignited. It consists of three parts: high-energy igniter, ignition rod ignition cable. Capacitor energy storage is selected, the spleen has a large pneumatic energy, the semiconductor spleen gas nozzle has a strong self-washing work ability, will be affected by atmospheric pollution, is resistant to oil, waterproof layer, anti-coking, heat resistance.

Working principle: 220V50HZ AC current is selected, the voltage is raised to more than 2500V according to the step-up transformer, the energy storage capacitor battery is charged after the rectifier. When the battery charging voltage exceeds the penetration voltage of the discharge tube, the energy storage The voltage of the discharge tube is based on the ignition cable the conductive rod to charge discharge the semiconductor electrode, so that the two sides of the electrode are under the effect of a single pulse voltage with high kinetic energy high value, so that a strong capacity is generated on the surface of the semiconductor. Electric sparks are used as a source of ignition.


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