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Ignition cable

2020-06-06 09:01:37
Ignition cable
Detailed introduction:

XDL high-voltage shielded cable

XDL series high-voltage shielded cables This series of cables are used to connect high-energy igniters ignition rods to achieve reliable, low-loss transmission of ignition energy. it can shield the stray radiation of ignition energy prevent electromagnetic interference to other on-site electronic equipment.

The main technical parameters 

DC resistance of center conductor ≤0.005Ω/m

Insulation voltage AC5000V, 50Hz, 5Min

Insulation resistance value ≥500MΩ

Ambient temperature ≤65℃, customized for special occasions.

Cable form Cable model End form

XDL-ZZ-L Direct head at both ends

XDL-ZW-L One end straight, one end bent connector

XDL-WW-L Elbow joint at both ends

Note: The connecting threads at both ends of the cable are M18×1, non-standard threads lengths can be customized.

Cable length series Length L 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000mm

Ordering model example High-voltage shielded cable with bent connectors at both ends, length L=6000mm ZDL-WW-6000, of which 6000 is the cable length L

After-sales service

Senior engineers professionally provide you with perfect sales service guidance, pre-sale professional program design, product selection guidance, installation commissioning during sales, after-sales maintenance services;


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