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DOS-808 desktop Chinese dissolved oxygen meter

2020-06-06 15:01:25
DOS-808 desktop Chinese dissolved oxygen meter
Detailed introduction:

DOS-808 desktop Chinese dissolved oxygen meter (ppm level)


  DOS-808 ppm-level desktop oxygen analyzer is a laboratory ppm-level oxygen content testing instrument produced by RAMZY, which is a highly intelligent continuous monitor. Equipped with DOGSP ppm level polarographic oxygen electrode, it can realize the range measurement in ppm level. It is a special instrument for measuring the oxygen content in the liquid of environmental protection sewage laboratory ppm level water quality.


● Full Chinese display, simple menu structure, text-based dialogue

● Simultaneous display of multiple parameters: Simultaneous display of oxygen concentration value, input current, temperature, time status on one screen.

● Historical data function: Press the storage key in the measurement state, the secondary meter automatically stores the measured oxygen concentration value temperature value

● Four calibration methods: One-point two-point calibration methods, manual input of zero point slope, calibration of known oxygen concentration values to meet the use in various situations.

●Technical parameters

 Measuring range: 0~20.00 mg/L; 0~60℃; saturation: 0~200.0%

 Resolution: 0.01 mg/L; 0.1℃

 Basic error of the whole machine: mg/L: ±0.5%FS

Temperature: ±0.5℃

 Repeatability of indication of the whole machine: ±0.5%FS

 Indication stability of the whole machine: ±1.0%FS

 Temperature compensation range: automatic/manual 0~60℃, 25℃ as reference

 Response time: <60 seconds (98% of final value, 25°C)

37℃: 98% final value<20 seconds

 Clock accuracy: ±1 minute/month

 Communication interface: RS232 optional

 Data storage: 3000 points

 Power-off preservation: 10 years

 Power source: AC220V±10%, 50±1HZ

 Dimensions: 205 (length) * 205 (width) * 86 (height) mm

 Weight: secondary table: 1.0Kg

 Working condition: Ambient temperature: 0~60℃, relative humidity: <85%


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