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DWS-51 laboratory sodium meter

2020-06-06 15:00:26
DWS-51 laboratory sodium meter
Detailed introduction:

DWS-51 laboratory sodium meter


   The DWS-51 sodium ion concentration meter is designed to measure the sodium ion content in the aqueous solution. It is especially suitable for the quality monitoring of high-purity water (such as steam, condensate, boiler feed water, etc.) in power plants. It can also be used in colleges universities, Scientific research structure, petrochemical industry, microelectronics other departments to determine the sodium ion concentration ( activity) in natural water, industrial drainage other water.


● DWS-51 sodium ion concentration meter adopts single-chip technology, which makes the operation simple convenient, the digital display is intuitive correct.

● The instrument has manual automatic temperature compensation functions (when the temperature electrode is connected, the instrument enters automatic temperature compensation displays the current temperature; when it is ● connected to the temperature electrode, the instrument enters manual temperature compensation, the instrument displays the manual temperature setting value).

● In addition to the pNa value display, the instrument also has a sodium ion concentration value [Na+] display function. The appearance of the instrument is beautiful light.

●Technical parameters

Measuring range:

  a) pNa value: (0.00~9.00) pNa

  b) Na+ concentration value: 23g/L~0.023μg/L

  c) mV value: (-1800~1800) mV

Resolution: 0.01 pNa

Basic error of electronic unit: ±0.02pNa±1 word

Instrument basic error: ±0.05pNa

Calculation error of conversion of pNa value to [Na+] concentration value: ±0.3% (reading)

Instrument repeatability error: no more than ±0.03pNa±1 word

Temperature compensation range of tested solution: (5.0~ 50.0)℃

Electronic unit stability: ±0.02pNa /3h

●Standard configuration

1 DWS-51 laboratory sodium meter, 1 laboratory sodium measuring electrode, 1 sodium reference electrode, 1 temperature electrode, 1 power cord, electrode holder


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