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DB-100 tear switch

2020-06-06 13:26:30
DB-100 tear switch
Detailed introduction:

DB-100 tear switch

DB-100 belt tear switch     When the belt appears to be damaged due to tearing, puncturing, kinking sharp objects protruding the belt, the tear switch can provide an alarm signal to the monitoring personnel turn off the conveyor.   The tear switches are installed in pairs on both sides of the belt, are connected by two pieces of vinyl-coated aviation wire rope. One end of the rope is permanently fixed on the support bracket; the other end is connected to a spring ball on the tear switch. The two sections of rope form a closed loop under the belt. When an object torn leather belt hangs down sweeps down one two lines, a fault is detected. Because the cord is detached, it pulls the spring ball out of the base, causing the two microswitches to sound an alarm turn off the conveyor.


The structure is simple firm, without maintenance;

Cast aluminum housing with anti-corrosion coating;

The whole cover plate is easy to wire maintain the wiring block, switch cam;

Large switch contact capacity;

Only 0.9kg can trigger the switch.


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