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ROS deviation switch

2020-06-06 13:23:42
ROS deviation switch
Detailed introduction:

The anti-deviation power switch is used to detect belt deviation. The deviation power switch is a sensor technology component that checks the deviation of the conveyor belt. It can send signals according to the deviation of the belt to complete automatic alarm shutdown to prevent belt damage. keep going

When the belt deflects, the belt pushes the action arm to deflect, triggering the toggle switch to act, it comes out of the alarm system. If it shifts to the set stop position again touches another set of contact points, the conveyor will stop protectively.

The anti-deviation power switch is generally installed at an area of 0.3-1m the top tail of the conveyor head. It is generally installed in pairs on both sides of the conveyor. It can be fixed to the top bottom of the side beam of the conveyor. The distance between the action rod the edge of the belt is about 25~75mm.


The general structural design can be installed on the top bottom of the conveyor longitudinal beam.

Rugged cast aluminum housing, protection standard IP67.

Integral cover plate, easy to wire adjust.

Without removing the action lever, the rear case can be removed.

Action rod bearings have a rated speed of 5,000 rpm are suitable for belt speeds up to 6.35 m/s.

The normal angle adjustment range of the action rod is ±22.5 degrees. The actuation rod can be moved in both directions to facilitate symmetrical installation on both sides of the conveyor.

The standard setting of the anti-bias switch is that when the normal angle is 10 degrees, the alarm contact acts, when the normal angle is 20 degrees, the shutdown contact acts.


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