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Hanging code

2020-06-06 11:25:15
Hanging code
Detailed introduction:

System Overview 

The belt scale hanging code verification device XR-GM is a device that verifies the electronic belt scale installed on the belt conveyor.It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, docks, building materials, coal mines, etc. occasion.

The GM type hanging code verification device can realize the dynamic automatic verification of the accuracy of the electronic belt scale, which is used to verify various electronic belt scales.

 working principle 

The GM type hanging code verification device is installed near the site of the electronic belt scale, under the conveyor on both sides of the electronic belt scale scale body. The electronic control device automatically raises lowers the roller code hanging code. ) Code, so that the roller (hanging) code is automatically smoothly pressed on the scale body scale frame, simulating the passage of uniform materials, used to check the accuracy stability of the electronic belt scale; at the end of the verification, the roller can be automatically raised ( Hang) code, received to the original position, complete the verification of the accuracy of the electronic belt scale.

 main feature 

  ●The roller (hanging) code is installed under the belt, the verification process is convenient fast, the degree of automation is high, time labor saving, accurate reliable;

● The lifting of the roller (hanging) code is automatically operated by the electronic control system, is equipped with a remote output contact for remote verification by the program control room;

●Simple structure, low cost, close to reality;

●Small size, easy to carry;

●The operation is simple convenient, the work efficiency is high.

 Technical Parameters 

●Roller (hanging) code weight 5,10,20,30...400kg

●Roll (hang) code accuracy M11

●Check belt scale capacity 1-6000t/h

●Applicable belt width 500-2200mm


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