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Winch chain code

2020-06-06 11:23:11
Winch chain code
Detailed introduction:

System Overview 

Electronic belt scale verification chain code-dynamic verification measurement accuracy is high (static 3/1000, dynamic 1/1000), easy to operate, does occupy the site, that is, it reduces safety labor, greatly improves work efficiency. It saves the investment of the enterprise compared with the physical verification device "electronic hopper scale", the "electronic hopper scale" has a large equipment area, occupies a large space, is troublesome during verification, the cost is high. The CLM series check chain code is the first choice for solving belt scale check. If equipped with an automatic retractable winch device, the chain code can be automatically operated during the verification process, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

The belt scale winch chain code ZCLM series verification device conforms to the provisions of the National Measurement Verification Regulations of the People's Republic of China JJG1995-2002. It is an analog load standard can be used as a verification calibration device for electronic belt scales weighing feeders. , Can easily calibrate correct the measurement accuracy of electronic belt scales.

 working principle 

After the electronic belt scale is zeroed, the weight of the standard weight dynamically simulates the state of the material when the belt is running. The chain code simulates the load of each meter of material on the belt is placed on the running belt. Stretched to prevent deviation sliding with the belt, the length should be able to cover the weighing roller two sets of rollers of the electronic belt scale. Record the length of one revolution of the belt the number of revolutions, which is the product of the nominal value of the chain code as the "reference value". The chain code transfers the weight to the weighing sensor through the scale body. At this time, the running speed of the belt is constant, the weighing instrument calculates displays the instantaneous cumulative amount. The cumulative quantity of the weighing instrument is compared with the reference value to determine whether the actual error of the electronic belt scale is within the required range, verify whether its measurement accuracy is qualified.

 System Components 

CLM chain code calibration device is composed of roller ball, chain, inner outer connecting plate hanging ring.

 ●High calibration accuracy (static 0.03%, dynamic 0.1%);

●Simple structure, low cost, close to reality;

●Small size, easy to carry;

●Simple convenient operation, high working efficiency;

●The entire chain code is placed retracted by the electric winch mechanism, which is more convenient, simple labor-saving;

 ●The hoisting type is a motor reducer that drives the reel drum, the chain code is automatically retracted by the electronic control device.

main feature 

The chain code is installed above the belt. The verification process is convenient fast. It can be automatically wound. The entire chain code is placed retracted by an electric winch mechanism. It has a high degree of automation, saves time effort, is accurate reliable;

When there is a large space above the conveyor, the hoisting retractable device can be used.

Technical Parameters 

●Chain code weight 5,10,20,30...200(kg/m)

●Chain code accuracy M11

●Scale capacity 1-6000t/h

   ●Belt width 500-2200mm


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