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Chain plate feeder

2020-06-06 15:12:23
Chain plate feeder
Detailed introduction:

Safety operation rules of chain plate feeder

  1. Before turning on  

1. Check whether the tension of the chain plate is proper  whether there is deflection of uneven stress.

2. Check the wear of the rubber stopper.

3. Check whether there is enough lubricating oil at each lubrication point  whether the sealing is good.

4. Check whether the bolts of all parts are tight  whether all the parts are intact.

5. After the preparation is completed, notify the control room to start up.

 Second, during operation

1. The material stored in the chain plate feeder bin should  exceed 10 tons, to prevent the starting torque  being too large  destroying the machine parts.

2. Check whether any parts are stuck  forced mechanical wear at any time during operation. If there is any, stop immediately.

3. Frequently inspect the operating conditions of the coupling, reducer,  rear sprocket. The motor temperature does  exceed 6 0℃,  the bearing temperature must  exceed 55-60℃.

4. Supervise the work quality of the loading truck  the dry humidity of the raw materials to reflect the situation in time.


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