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Weighing coal feeder

2020-06-06 09:42:37
Weighing coal feeder
Detailed introduction:

Jiangsu Huaqi Electric Co., Ltd. (formerly Jiangsu Ramsey Electric Technology Co., Ltd.) provides a complete set of electronic measurement system solutions. Huaqi Electric has many years of experience in the design manufacture of fully enclosed pressure-resistant coal feeders, advanced The technology sturdy structure ensure the reliable stability unmatched versatility of Jiangsu Huaqi Electric Pressure Coal Feeder.

System Overview

Fully enclosed belt weighing coal feeder NJGC30 series (pressure-resistant)

Fully enclosed belt weighing coal feeder NJGC30 series is used for the feeding of fuel absorbent for various boilers (mills). During the feeding process, the materials are dynamically weighed, accumulated flow controlled. Various forms of fluidized bed boilers in the chemical metallurgical industries.

Huaqi Company designed manufactured various coal feeders with belt widths ranging 500 mm to 1400 mm belt lengths ranging 2 m to 38 m for on-site use. The pressure-resistant shell of the coal feeder is made of high-quality carbon steel , The manufacturing sealing degree can withstand the explosion pressure of 0.35Mpa, which meets the needs of various users.

Huaqi NJGC30 series coal feeder adopts advanced dynamic weighing technology, combined with the digital controller designed by Huaqi specifically for coal feeder weighing, which makes Huaqi coal feeder accurate stable.

In order to ensure the long-term accuracy reliability of the system, Huaqi uses a fully suspended weighing bridge to measure the weight of the material. The digital totalizer/controller displays the instantaneous flow rate, cumulative flow rate, the difference the set point other optional Parameters, indicating various states alarms at the same time, providing output for remote monitoring, remote communication with DCS.

The maximum output of Huaqi coal feeder can reach 1400t/h, the belt width is 500-1400mm, the maximum length is 38M (more than this length is confirmed by factory).

Performance characteristics

The design structure of the sturdy pressure-resistant closed shell of the coal feeder, tight sealing can prevent air leakage coal powder leakage, can withstand the pressure of 0.35Mpa;

The coal feeder has a flat idler structure, the belt adopts a ring-shaped jointless flame retardant tape with a skirt height of 40mm;

The surface of the active roller has a herringbone rubber layer, which has strong driving force prevents the belt deviating;

The driven roller adopts a waist drum shape, which can effectively prevent the tape running away; the main driven rollers are supported by bearings, the lubrication is outside the casing:

The diameter of the roller is 89mm, the steel surface is cylindrical, the radial runout relative to the roller shaft is small, which is conducive to metering;

The coal feeder is equipped with automatic deviation correction device, which can correct the belt deviation automatically;

The outer cleaning of the coal feeder belt adopts heavy hammer scraper type, the inner cleaning adopts V-shaped rubber scraper;

A chain scraper conveyor is used to clean the fly ash at the bottom of the coal feeder;

Convenient maintenance end doors at both ends of the coal feeder with observation windows;

There are multiple lighting lamps on the coal feeder body, the light bulb can be easily replaced without stopping the machine;

The screw tensioning device installed outside the casing can conveniently maintain a certain tension of the conveyor belt when the coal feeder is running, to avoid belt slippage adjustment of the belt deviation;

There is a sealed air interface on the coal feeder shell;

All coal feeder components are easy to maintain adjust;

The drive motor connection method can adopt the coupling direct coupling / chain drive / shaft mounting type;

The inlet gate valve can be manual/electric;

The discharge gate valve can be manual/pneumatic/electric;

The feed inlet is designed according to the needs of the site to meet the special requirements of users.

Control System

The electrical control system can realize the local operation display of the coal feeder. At the same time, it has various input output interfaces. After switching to the remote control mode through the remote/local switch, it can be controlled by the DCS system.

Main features

The electrical control box of the coal feeder can be placed on the shell of the coal feeder, in the control room according to user needs;

The coal feeder motor uses VVVF frequency converter to control its operation according to the set flow;


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