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DDBJ-305 portable conductivity meter

2020-06-06 15:08:10
DDBJ-305 portable conductivity meter
Detailed introduction:

DDBJ-305 portable conductivity meter


   DDBJ-305 portable conductivity meter is a laboratory instrument for measuring the conductivity of aqueous solutions. It is widely used in petrochemical industry, biomedicine, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring, mining smelting other industries as well as colleges scientific research units. It can also be used to measure the conductivity of pure ultra-pure water in electronic semiconductors, nuclear power industry, power plants if it is equipped with an appropriate constant conductivity electrode.


● Four ranges, automatic switching, automatic carry display, simple operation high measurement accuracy.

● It is powered by four No. 5 dry batteries, easy to carry, can be used in the field.

● Using large LCD digital display, conductivity temperature are displayed at the same time, beautiful appearance, clear display.

● Two kinds of constant electrodes (0.01, 1.0) are optional, which can measure the conductivity of general aqueous solution the conductivity of high-purity water.

● The electrode constant solution temperature coefficient can be set.

●Technical parameters

 The measuring range of the instrument: 0~1999μS/cm, the instrument is divided into four ranges, the range of each range is automatically switched

 Basic error: ±2.0%(FS) ±l word

 The basic error of the instrument: 2.5% (FS) ± 1 word

 Temperature compensation range: (5~50)℃, reference temperature 25℃

 Temperature display range: 0~60℃

Medium temperature: 5~50℃

Conventional configuration: DJS-1.0 plastic electrode, cell constant 1.0 cm

Dimensions: 135 (length) × 75 (width) × 25 (height) mm

Weight: 0.3kg

Normal conditions of use:

a) Ambient temperature: (5~50)℃

b) Relative humidity: more than 85%

c) Power supply: four 5th batteries

d) No significant vibration

e) There is no external magnetic field interference except the earth's magnetic field


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