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DOS-118 portable dissolved oxygen meter

2020-06-06 15:03:48
DOS-118 portable dissolved oxygen meter
Detailed introduction:

DOS-118 portable dissolved oxygen meter


   DOS-118 portable dissolved oxygen meter wins the ultra-low power single-chip microcomputer measurement control, low power consumption, high reliability, can achieve intelligent measurement, using polarographic measurement, stable reliable, simple convenient operation (one-handed Operation) other advantages; the instrument can indicate the measurement results in two units of dissolved oxygen content, that is, oxygen concentration (mg/L ppm) oxygen saturation percentage (%), in addition to the temperature of the measured medium Perform measurement display.

  The instrument has computer program control calibration, automatic temperature compensation, salinity correction atmospheric pressure adjustment functions, suitable for the measurement of oxygen content in aqueous solutions in various industries.


● Using micro-processing technology, easy to operate

● One two-point button automatic calibration

● Automatic/manual temperature compensation measurement

● Can set salinity coefficient atmospheric pressure

● Data lock function

● Long service life of electrode

● Can store 99 sets of data

● Data will be lost when power off

●Technical parameters

Measuring range:

  Dissolved oxygen (DO): 0.0~20.0mg/L

  Saturation: 0~200%

  Temperature (T): 0~100℃

measurement accuracy:

   Dissolved oxygen: ±0.2mg/L (the measured system the calibration system are isothermal)

               ±0.5mg/L (when measured system calibration system are at ±10℃)

   Temperature: ±1℃

Automatic temperature compensation range: 0~60℃

Calibration point: 1 2 points

Salinity compensation setting: 0~35g/L

Atmospheric pressure setting: 0.5 to 1.5 atmospheres

Power source: 1 9V battery

Dimensions: 75mm×140mm×38mm

Weight: less than 220g


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