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60-23P underspeed switch

2020-06-06 13:30:05
60-23P underspeed switch
Detailed introduction:

60-23P underspeed switch

Conveyor safety protection device

The 60-23P underspeed switch is a low-cost, strong reliability, simple universal monitoring device for shaft speed other rotating devices. The underspeed switch is placed in a weather-proof, sealed, corrosion-resistant enclosure, allowing exposure to harsh environments.

Non-contact proximity detector, long life low maintenance cost.

Two bolts are fixed to ensure simple installation, integrated structure, centralized control device, simple setting troubleshooting

No moving parts, no wear, long safe life.

Start delay, when the rotating equipment has reached the working speed during the start process, a 10-second delay alarm.

Once the speed drops below the adjustable set point, the delay alarm

Application range

Various rotating equipment

Technical Parameters 

Voltage: 110/220VAC, +15%

Frequency: 47-62Hz

Operating temperature range: -40℃-70℃

Output: Alarm output: 0.22A/220VAC, relay type, normally open

Sensor power supply: 24V, 100mA

Operating range: 3-3000 pulses/min

Shell: weatherproof shell, anti-corrosion


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