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Electronic belt scale instrument

2020-06-06 11:33:12
Electronic belt scale instrument
Detailed introduction:

XR2001 Belt Scale Controller

Jiangsu Huaqi Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the production supply of XR2001 belt scale controller, feeder intelligent controller, belt scale weighing controller, stable performance, good quality, good service, welcome to consult negotiate.

 Product Details 

XR2001 feeder controller (special controller for pressure-resistant coal feeder feeder, batching scale instrument)

 Main features characteristics

• Chinese/English menu prompt operation, convenient for users;

• Four rows of LCD display data, flow, speed, cumulative amount, load, time can be set to display on the same screen;

• Built-in multi-function regulator, which can realize PID adjustment directly inside the instrument;

• Guided menu operation, the instrument has self-diagnosis, alarm prompt, pulse output, manual/automatic empty scale zero adjustment automatic tracking function, can realize automatic correction of simulation physical inspection errors;

• With high low speed alarm delay output feed rate control deviation delay alarm output function;

• With automatic retrieval function, it can instantaneously retrieve important parameters of the coal feeder at any time monitor the operation status of the coal feeder;

•With solid-state relay output function of accumulated volume ton pulse signal;

• With high low limit alarm, fault self-diagnosis function;

• Data storage, the storage chip keeps data for up to 10 years;

• Test error can be displayed in percentage engineering value;

• A variety of isolation interfaces can be extended to achieve two-way communication (RS232/485), print output, current (flow 4~20mA) output, frequency output other functions;

• Metal plate sprayed plastic shell, waterproof, dustproof, strong magnetic field interference;

• With the function of protecting internal data when power off;

 Grouped equipment 

Electronic belt scale, quantitative feeder, screw scale, batching scale, coal blending scale, stand-alone scale, pressure-resistant weighing tape coal feeder, weighing feeder, etc.


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