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ICS-20A electronic belt scale

2020-06-06 09:27:13
ICS-20A electronic belt scale
Detailed introduction:

ICS-20A series electronic belt scale

Jiangsu Huaqi Electric Co., Ltd. (formerly Jiangsu Ramsey Electric Technology Co., Ltd.) fully absorbed applied the weighing process of the world famous brand Thermo Ramsey, developed produced various types of electronic belt scales with precision, developed belt scale application software for users. In order to make the weighing data more effective, reduce production costs reduce costs.

Product Details 

ICS20A series belt scales have a dynamic cumulative error of less than ±0.5%. They are used for general factory belt conveyor weighing, as well as accurate control of the amount of feed for crushers, ball mills, sieving machines other processes. It can also be used to monitor production volume, control product loading, monitor product inventory.

ICS20A series belt scale is mainly composed of four parts: ICS20A fully suspended weighing bridge supported by two pairs of trunnions, a load cell, digital speed sensor, 2000 series totalizer.

ICS20A weighing bridge

The ICS20A weighing bridge is equipped with two sets of heavy rollers on the lever. It is supported by a single load cell, the outer support adopts frictionless trunnion fulcrum. This closed device can prevent shock, moisture, corrosion prevent material accumulation. The problems caused by the use of knife edge devices bearing devices do occur in the environment.

The main beam of the weighing bridge is made of rectangular steel pipes, which makes the whole weighing bridge have high enough rigidity, small self-weight, the smallest ash accumulation area. The weighing bridge can be directly installed in belt conveyor racks of various widths, located between the upper lower belts, does take up space. It is a unit that has been assembled in the factory can be quickly easily installed calibrated.

Technical Parameters 

▪ Measuring accuracy: ±0.5% ▪ Weighing range: 0~6000t/h ▪ Belt width: 500~2200mm

▪ Belt speed: 0.01~4.0m/s ▪ Belt conveyor inclination angle: 0°~18° ▪ Remote transmission: 1200m

 Working installation environment

▪ Ambient temperature: Mechanical: -20°C~+50°C Instrument: -20°C~+40°C

▪ Power supply voltage: 220VAC (+10%~-15%) 50HZ±2%



Note: The size of the bandwidth listed in the table is determined according to the actual rack

Installation diagram


Note: D in the picture is the distance between the two rollers of the conveyor


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