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Flame detector

2020-06-06 09:05:16
Flame detector
Detailed introduction:

Burning flames have various characteristics, such as the degree of heat generation, weak electrolytes, radiation at different positions of the flame, spectrometer pulsating beverage flashing conditions of the flame  , gas pressure, sound box, etc., can be used to test the flame. "none". Heating furnaces using coal oil as raw materials will radiate infrared (IR), visible light ultraviolet (UV) during combustion.

Therefore, it is expected that the combustion will radiate a certain amount of ultraviolet rays many infrared rays, the scope of the spectrometer involves infrared rays, visible light ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the entire spectral range can be used to detect the presence absence of flame. Because of the different types of materials, the compressive strength of the light source that burns the flame radiation is different, the relative selection of flame inspection components will also be different. Generally speaking, apart the three-molecule vapor with non-bright CO2 water vapor in the pulverized coal flame, there are also some hot bright coke particles carbon particles. They radiate extremely strong infrared rays, visible light some ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays are usually easily digested absorbed by burning substances ash particles are quickly weakened. Therefore, visible light infrared flame detectors should be used for pulverized coal combustion flames.

In addition to a part of CO2 water vapor, there are also many bright carbon black particles in the oil flame used for heating stoves lighters. It can also radiate very strong visible light, infrared ultraviolet rays, so it can be used for These three flames are more sensitive to the inspection components to carry out accurate measurements. When the combustible gas is burned as the main fuel, strong ultraviolet rays are radiated in the initial combustion zone of the flame. At this time, an ultraviolet flame detector can be used for detection.


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